Return to death


Grief and emptiness
No mercy to cursed by delusion
Hatred souls of devoured
Return to fire
Return to death

the smell of sulfur
will clean my rotting mind
Intoxication from blasphemy scourge of flames
pillars of earth destroyed forever
The black stench of human desires

What you want to find?
Cenotaph to mankind?
skeletons of humanity?
burned lungs of god!

Return to fire
Return to death





Kneel before the throne of sacrilege
Pillars of nothingness
Lifeless wastelands of your mind
That erased by time and swallowed by delusions
Crooked bones that carry flesh
Your bones.Your flesh
Hopes and griefs. Blood and soul
Litany to emptiness
Rise from filthiness and fall
The waters of life that devoured by abyss
The ashes of past hopes and ambitions shine dimly in these vast expanses
Throw away everything you have
Praise! With the ecstasy of deafness
All around is mud of prayers
Can you see without eyes?
Trembling voices singing into the mirrors of blood
Can you hear without ears?
Devouring flames all around you
Can you feel without skin?
Redemption is nothing
Till the end


Symphony of decay


Gloria diabolus, gloria veri daemones,
omen peccatorum elevat
Gloria diabolus, gloria veri daemones,
omen peccatorum elevat

Arrival into nothingness
Where the infinite void awakens
Where the infinite void awakens
From the abyss of despair
in the twilight of death’s dream

Sinking into the ecstasy of death
I become an eternal and ageless silence
Dormant suffering as a Symphony of decay
Demonic anger fills the remnants of my soul
Torn from the madness of reality
I found hope


Empty throne


I salute you, abandoned hearts
blood in a crimson river
Life disgraced in honor of empty throne
Shivering bodies. Shivering hearts
Lay down your bones to the altar of decline
Tear out the eyes of apostle
In a fields of nothingness
In a fields of death
The key to endlessness
Open the gates
Crush the existence of god!
Destroy your future, destroy your life
The storm of fire will cleanse the garden of Eden

Almighty creator with shattered head
Unhallowed grounds underneath my legs

Finally you crushed the concept of God
You must breath this smell!
A smell that consumes your infirmity!
Sons of stench. Sons of disgust
Daughters of immorality. Daughters of sickness
We will bring a new order to this world


The end of all things


Demigod shall rise again
His spells arouse fear
Despite your prayers
He opened endless maze

His hand bless us
And the plague fills the air
I sacrifice myself
To darkness reborn
My stigma exudes pus

Execution of prophecy
This is my sacrifice
Almighty emperor
Demigod and reaper
Merciful and cruel

Yours shadow beyond
In endless sevens
He must look inside endless darkness
There lurks a mystical flame
There lurks a mystical flame

Carnem ex cinere
Animo mortuus est
Magnus rex mortem
Defende nos in bello

Step out of the shadows
You demon of madness
Transfix my soul
The world is in ruins
This is the end of everything
The demigod raises evil


Faces of death


Мироточащие лики
Лики смерти
Пред очами вашими
Я вновь предстал

Оставляя страхи
Хвори и чаянния
Память всех веков
В себя Вобрал

Оставив позади
В царство вечной тишины вхожу
Сбросив тяжести оков

Пылает зарево
Закован в саван я
И языки огня
Мой труп лобзают

Как лед конечности
До тла безвестности
Огонь сжирает