Проснувшись однажды утром после беспокойного сна, Грегор Замза обнаружил, что он у себя в постели превратился в страшное насекомое.



However deep my wounds
I rise from the sulfur and the mud
Hiding in the labyrinths of deep caves
I become the merciless ghost of the mountains
In a gorge from which there is no exit
The wind listens to my moans
My blood is the poison of immortality

Every night I devour myself
But I am resurrecting from the sulfur and dirt
Doomed to immortality and eternal hunger
My moan tears the flesh of mortals
A prisoner in his mother’s stone womb
The Fallen God



The moment has come
When the mind slowly fades
Agony of the spirit
Fear and despair

I became a shadow
In dark dungeons
This dream is death
Pain of loss and loneliness

Sadness fills my spirit
Wandering along the axes
An endless chain
Illusions of the past

A whirlwind of horror
Became my essence
I keep coming back
To the events of my death

Below is the jaws of hell
Sins are pulling me
To the very bottom of the abyss
My destiny, is suffering on fire

I see my past lives
But I have no remorse
I felt empty
Endlessly burning

Worms fill my mouth
Desolation made flesh
But remorse is not
Hastur — find me
find me!

Beyond the gates of death


In the jaws of insanity
On the teeth of chaos
Torn to shreds
In the deserts of limb

Who devours my shadow
Whose scream is driving me mad
Spewing curses and prayers

Beyond the gates of death
Under the shadow of sorrow
In the belly of the storm
Amid the fog and dust

Post-mortem vision of the Bardo
Ghostly faces of the past
Suffering and fear
Thorns grow into my flesh

A ghastly whisper
Tortures my mind

Menacing leaden heaven
Devours the souls of the lost


Ach nehmt mir nicht den Weg nach Eurem Schritt

die Blüte trägt im feuchten Schmerz mein Zeichen
wir müssen der gekrönten Sonne weichen
und wenn Ihr nicht bereut, so nehmt mich mit.

In dieser Einsamkeit der leeren Wüsten,
Fernab von Leid und des Menschen Lüsten.
Beschau ich jenes Tal bis es einst untergeht,
Wie auf losem Grund all unser Hoffen steht.

Wir sind nur Schale und das Blatt.
Der Tod, den jeder in sich trägt,
Das ist die Furcht, die uns erregt.

In dieser Einsamkeit in leeren Räumen,
Fernab von Leid und all den Träumen.
Seh ich ein letztes Mal, wie das Bedauern flieht,
Wie auf kargem Grund all unser Leben sich entzieht.


The past life is like dark cold water
Distant images drown in the maelstrom
Of endless births and deaths
Rivers of oblivion wash away my memories
Inside the mind rumbles of thunder break
Everything that came before doesn’t matter
Someone’s voices echo inside me
But I’m calm, because this storm is just an illusion
What are my aspirations now worth when I died
I fall into the abyss of emptiness
I am this who? was there ever this me
The black claws of the past
Are dragging me to the bottom of hell

Between the four walls


Between the 4 walls
As my shadow falls
My name calls

His eyes turned black
He could only see death
As he left his last breath

His soul travelled away from the earth
Alongside with death
They shared one last breath

Μέσα στην Ιθάκη του πόνου
Οι σκέψεις ενός μυαλού παραλόγου
Οι σειρήνες του τρόμου
Τραγουδούν στην μέση του δρόμου

Η μαύρη μοίρα με φύλεψε
Το πικρό ποτηρι
Το δάκρυ που κύλησε
Με λύγισε




Deep in the shadows, I finally see.
I found the answer, it lies hidden.
Hidden within.
And eternity wandering.
I’m finally free
Forever lies hidden within.
For an eternity.
Deep in the shadows, I finally see.
Deep in the shadows, where I am free.
Hiraeth. My heart burns for you.
Always remember who you are